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About Lash.i.Candy
After gaining experience in the beauty industry, Jill decided to start a lash extension business of her own and in 2010, she started Lash.i.Candy. Since then, the business has been growing and improving. Within that time the business has moved locations to its current Preston Towers location and has also grown to add another employee, Jill’s sister, Brittany. Lash.i.Candy is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to quality and care. 

Lash.i.Candy is located in the Preston Towers building on the corner of Pickwick and Northwest Highway on the 2nd floor, directly across from Park Cities Baptist Church at 6211 West Northwest Hwy. Suite C-200-B Dallas, TX 75225.

"I love my job! My clients aren't just clients, they're friends. I enjoy enhancing a woman's true and natural beauty. I believe lash extensions are life changing. My favorite part is how a woman's face lights up after seeing herself for the first time in her full set of new eyelash extensions!"
-Jill C.